Creativity through future web tech

Working with clients is about providing the oppurtunity to showcase your own ideas, thoughts, and talents. But these do not always coincide with the clients own branding requirements. This is not a bad thing, simply a fact of cooperative design and development.

Below are some examples of experiments that we've put together for different clients, for ourselves, and to simply test future trends in a safe environment.

Flex Grid Menu

This is an interesting play on the flex grid technology and how a menu can be a full presentation for a website.

See Flex Grid Menu Example

Grid Exposé

This is an experiment that plays on animation and a block/grid menu. The backdrop for this experiment is a photographers exposé.

See Grid Exposé Example

Gatsby Experiment

This is an example project that stems from multiple other projects within the community.
Gatsby is a great setup for more static websites and developers. We are currently working on easy the update process for clients to be able to utilize this system.

See Gatsby Travel Example